How to join

We are recruiting

We are currently looking to increase our Tamworth Group membership and are inviting local businesses in the Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield areas from the following professions to come along to one of our weekly meetings:-

Marketing Consultant, Plumber, Electrician, Banker/Finance Provider, Estate Agent, Book Keeper, Cleaners

If you are interested in joining, email us at info [at]

How it works

The best thing to do is come along to a Wednesday-morning meeting. Please call to book, so we can ensure food is ordered for you and that your market sector does not clash with a current member.

We recommend you visit us twice before making your decision to join. Once you have decided to join, the cost to secure your place is £150.00 (usually paid by cheque). This ensures that no-one else from your market sector can join. Members join each club individually and most people are a member of one or the the other club depending on where they live.

The ongoing cost is then £40.00 per month to pay for food and the venue.

To find out more, come along as a visitor to one of our weekly meetings. Please ring Scott Hayler on 07837 652007.