Damian Counsell

6th Sep 2017: “B2B Ten Minutes” with Damian Counsell

This week, Damian Counsell gave a short presentation about, of all things, cancer. Most of Damian’s contributions to B2B Tamworth relate to his local Web development work, but Damian also contracts for various international tech start-up companies in the US and mainland Europe, having previously spent most of his working life in laboratories funded by Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council.

Rather than getting tangled up in Non-Disclosure Agreements, Damian gave the group a general non-scientific layperson’s introduction to the biology of this family of diseases in humans, and talked about his recent personal experience of relatives who had been diagnosed and treated for cancer, and, in simple terms, about academic biomedical research in the area.

Next week’s speakers

Next week, the Education Slot will be from Damian Counsell and the B2B Ten Minutes will be by Scott Hayler.

Latest B2B totals

In the week to 6th September 2017, B2B members shared £4 976 of business. In 2017 to date, B2B members have shared £185 732 of business.

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[Photo of Damian by Joanne Cooper.]