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30th Aug 2017: “B2B Ten Minutes” with Claire Chambers

New B2B member Claire Chambers has already got off to a flying start, both with her new property letting and sales company and with her contributions to the group, including the amazing story of her saving a client from death! (The client’s speech to her over the phone was slurred, so Claire rushed round to his home, let her self in, summoned medical help, and thereby saved him from falling into a potentially fatal diabetic coma.)

For her Ten Minutes slot, she treated us to another B2B quiz, asking us questions relating to the business of property, that included inviting us to guess the price of this seven-bedroom des res in Chelsea [pictured above]. Click here to discover the current—now discounted!—asking price.

Claire’s experience with property companies has made her and her colleagues determined to offer something she feels is currently lacking with many providers: integrity. Chambers‘ goal is to leave their customers as happy as possible with the honesty and quality of the service they receive. But, as well as their experience and professionalism and research diligence and free valuation service, Chambers of course also cares about your bottom line and promises highly competitive fees and a determined approach to getting the best return on your property.

Read more about them at their Website.

Next week’s speakers

Next week, the Education Slot will be from Ben Symons and the B2B Ten Minutes will be by Damian Counsell.

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