Ronnie Allen in action

23 Aug 17: “B2B Ten Minutes” with Ronnie “Radar” Allen

Education Slot

Joanne of Joanne Cooper Photography prompted a lively discussion in the Education Slot by asking what members of the group did with the many business cards they collected going about their working lives. There were recommendations of apps and databases that made it easy to scan in information from teh cards themselves and manage the contact/client details harvested from them.

Ronnie Radar

Then Ronnie “Radar” Allen of Radar Event Services treated us to a multimedia presentation about his multimedia business—more accurately his multimedia businesses. Because Ronnie specialises in “plumbed in” audiovisual set-ups; *and* in live event staging, audio, and lighting; *and* in restoring, converting, and digitizing audiovisual media.

He also has many years experience in fixing all kinds of audiovisual gear, and I (Damian Counsell) can testify to his skills with a soldering iron in both explaining the operation of and sorting out a troublesome audio mixing console for me—and to his going above and beyond to ensure no further problems occurred with it.

One of the most impressive examples in his presentation was a slide of Ronnie simultaneously amplifying, recording, and providing monitor sound to a mixed choir of many voices live and in real-time with multiple microphones without feedback or setting up microphones close to the singers or obscuring the audience’s sight lines.

You can visit Ronnie’s main Website here at Radar Events Services.

Photo of Ronnie by, and thanks to, the aforementioned Joanne Cooper.