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13th Sep 2017: “B2B Ten Minutes” with Scott Hayler

Education Slot

willpower tips

willpower tips

Damian Counsell shared some scientific discoveries and useful tips from a New Scientist article about willpower and motivation. Click here to download a copy of the tips.

“B2B Ten Minutes”

Scott Hayler is part of the two-man Integrity Mortgage Solutions team. Founded in the 90s, Integrity Mortgage Solutions has access to a vast array of products and the expertise to help you find one appropriate to your needs and circumstances.

For his Ten Minutes slot, Scott, used a quiz to bring home the huge differences in potential cash outgoings between sticking with a bank’s standard variable rate loan for the duration of a mortgage term and regular reviews and transfers of a debt: of the order of tens of thousands of pounds on very ordinary property purchases.

Visit the Integrity Mortgage Solutions Website to find out more.

Next week’s speakers

Next week, the Education Slot will be from Paul Waterhouse.

Latest B2B totals

In the week to 13th September 2017, B2B members shared £12 630 of business. In 2017 to date, B2B members have shared £198 362 of business.

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